The company

We design, manufacture and sell single use instruments for laparoscopic surgery at prices compatible with the evolution of budget constraints. The constantly expanding products line, manufactured in France, consists of trocars, scissors, instruments (dissectors, grasping forceps, hooks...) and many other innovating products facilitating laparoscopic surgical procedures.

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Vectec products are distributed by Péters Surgical company

Know how

The design, production and marketing of single use instruments and accessories for laparoscopy such as trocars, scissors, grasping forceps.

Customers satisfaction

We give priority to the functionality and the quality of our products and services, to meet the needs and the requirements of laparoscopic surgery.

Adequate pricing

Because we integrate the concept of production costs right from the design phase of our products, we are able to offer quality single use products compatible with the budget constraints of health institutions, whether public or private.


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