Range of single use laparoscopic grasping forceps & dissectors.


  • A light-weight handle.
  • A standard HF connector for monopolar coagulation
  • An adjustment knob allows 360° rotation of the jaws facilitating the surgical procedure.
  • The insulation sheath up to the active part of the jaws to keep the risk of electrical arching to a minimum.
  • A color code of the knob helps identify the instrument during surgery.
  • A single use monopolar cable fitted with standard 4 mm plug is also available under the reference CAB 3000 (sold separately).


Each forceps is packaged in a pealable pouch.
Packaging: 5 units per box.


 ReferencesType of jawsJaws length
MD5330_mors* MD5 330 Maryland Dissector20 mm
A5330_morsA5 330 Atraumatic18 mm
ECS5330_mors** ECS5 330 Endoclinch22 mm
F5330_morsF5 330 Fenestrated18 mm
G5330_morsG5 330 Grip (2 x 6 prongs)18 mm

* without ratchet ** without connector        Knob color code: Yellow: Dissector Green: Atraumatic Purple: Traumatic.


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