Rectal cannula


Presentation instrument for optimal exposure of the rectosigmoid.


  • The rectal cannula facilitates the double (/safety & /integrity) test of the rectal wall:
    1. Air test.
    2. liquid dye test.
  • The ovoid form of the distal end of the cannula allows:
    1. A movement into the rectal and sigmoid cavities.
    2. A sealing lock from the sphincter, necessary to carry out safety tests (air / liquid), due to the flat back of its olive shaped proximal end.
  • A small diameter bendable stainless steel rod to fit patient’s anatomy.
  • An ergonomic handle.
  • A T-shape tubing:
    1. On one side, to be used on the sterile field, a thin tubing with a check valve and a Luer valve to inject air or liquid.
    2. On the other side, a larger diameter tubing fitted with a red clamp for waste removal.


Each rectal cannula is packaged in a pealable pouch.
Packaging: 10 units per box


ReferenceDesignationRod diameterTip diameterTip length
RCC 320Rectal cannula4 mm32 mm50 mm


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