Range of single use trocars without metal, allowing surgery in safe condition whatever the duration of the procedure.


  • The absence of metallic parts provides safeness regarding electrical risks.
  • The light weight of the trocar combined with a specific thread offers excellent stability together with minimal trauma onto the abdominal wall.
  • The transparent cannula provides maximum visual control for the operator.
  • The conical tip with lateral edge spreads the muscle fibers apart, thus reducing trauma to the tissues.
  • The funnel-shaped head of the cannula facilitates instruments insertion, using one hand only.


Each trocar is packaged in a rigid blister.
Packaging: 25 units per box.


5mm trocars

 ReferenceLengthTipLuer lock
5 0535 05353 mmpointe_trauma_5053-
5 053H53 mmpointe_mousse_T-H-
5 0685 06868 mmpointe_trauma_5068yes
5 1005 100100 mmpointe_trauma_5100yes

10-12mm trocars, cross-slit valve (5 mm reducing device include)

11060 b11 06060 mmpointe_trauma_11-12
11100 b11 100100 mmpointe_trauma_11-12
11100S b11 100S100 mmpointe_bouclier

10-12 mm trocars for suture (5 mm reducing device include)

1206012 06060 mmpointe_trauma_11-12
1210012 100100 mmpointe_trauma_11-12
12100H12 100H100 mmpointe_mousse_11-12


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